Saturday, June 04, 2005

Up, Up and Away!

Kiran's platelet count finally rose and she's been released from the hospital. Hooray! Our spirits are definitely up as well. We've treated ourselves to two nights at the relaxing and palatial Galle Face Hotel, where we can enjoy a sea view and a lot of comfy extras.

But tomorrow Alex is heading off for a day trip down the western and southern coasts, as far as Welligama. It was along this stretch that a full passenger train was struck by the tsunami, resulting in the second largest train disaster in history. Because this area of the country is so much more densely populated than the east, the devestation was more severe than that of Batticaloa, even though it did nor recieve a direct hit. The good news for these people is that more aid has supposedly been rushed in their direction. We want to see with your own eyes how the rebuilding process is going. In many ways this will be a bittersweet trip; Kiran was looking forward to showing Alex where she and her family vacationed when she was a girl.

While Alex is gone, Kiran will either remain with the good folks at the Institute, or suffer some more at the hotel. Yet another blood test is scheduled for Monday morning, just to make sure progress is being made and Alex plans to be back for that.

Will write more when we know more....


At 9:26 AM, Blogger Jill said...

Kiran and Alex,
What a week you've had! Enjoy your visit to the Galle Face; the website looks just grand! Hope the next few days are uneventful. Journey safely homeward!

Jill Kitowski

At 6:58 PM, Blogger Peg said...

Kiran and Alex,
We are so happy to hear that Kiran is out of the hospital! God is good! We will share this good news with everyone tomorrow. We continue to pray for both of you. Alex, have a safe and informative trip as you head down the coast. We will also pray for your safe trip back to PA.

At 8:10 PM, Blogger AMAWAMA said...

Kiki ...

so glad you're better ... and I'm sorry you're missing the trip with Al ... can't wait to see you two soon and hear all of your impressions first hand.

So much love,


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